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Photos from around the waterfront

The Liverpool Waterfront area around the Albert Dock is a stunning location for photography.  I went for a walk up and down the waterfront one Sunday, staying from the start of the afternoon to catch the sunset over the River Mersey. 

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day.  You can see more shots in my portfolio.


The reflections of the sky and buildings in this virtually ripple free water just blew my mind. 

I couldn't get enough of the reflections.  This shot was taken earlier in the day when the water wasn't quite so still.  As it was lighter, I couldn't set a long enough exposure to average out the ripples.  That would have made for a stunning shot.


I found myself walking along the waterfront as the sun started to set.  This is when the sky started to fill with beautiful colours and the lights from the opposite bank began to cast long reflections in the Mersey.  


It was a perfect evening for catching silhouettes of the folk walking along the path.  


It was a great day but the highlight was probably this ukulele band playing the Man who Sold the World by David Bowie.  They were fantastic!

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