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The city as the mist comes down.

All shots can be purchased - contact for details.

DSC07418-Pano (2020-08-17T07_47_10.430).jpg

There is something eerie but magical about being in a city as the mist drops.  It's that feeling of looking up and not being able to see the tops of the tall buildings. 

The mist makes the city feel smaller.  Even though you know that there are tower blocks, shops and roads in the distance, the mist simply removes them from view. 

Photographically, the obscured views allow you to inject more mood and atmosphere to those compositions that you've visited many times before. 

In this shot, the Radisson Building can (or should I say can't) be seen in the distance.

The much photographed Saint Paul's Church fading into the distance.


​This shot of Victoria Square is actually a panoramo of 9 shots due to me having my long lens one; I simply couldn't fit the whole scene in one frame.  The chap at the bottom of the shot was in frame 1 and 3 - I decided it looked cool and didn't photoshop him out.    


Old Joe looks great in the fog!

Finally, some shots from a very misty morning in the Lake District.

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