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Some black and white shots of the UK's second city.

All shots can be purchased - contact for details.


The viewing platforms on the Library of Birmingham are a great location for capturing the changing Birmingham skyline. 

In this shot, you can see the Alpha Tower in the background with its new neighbour; the HSBC building.  To the left of the foreground is Baskerville House which is a gorgeous office location.

This must count as one of my favourite black and white shots of Birmingham.  I was really happy with the framing and the clouds look stunning in black and white.

Below is a view of Broad Street in Birmingham.  The dated buildings in this shot are at odds with the newer structures that are popping up in and around that area.  The "TO LET" sign in the forward building makes it feel empty.


This is a shot of the entrance to the Council House, Birmingham.  


The guy on the steps is one of the many homeless, drugged or drunk that you see around Birmingham nowadays.  This guy had been sat there for at least ten minutes as I was taking some pictures around Victoria Square. 


I finally took this shot before moving on.  As it happens, this is the only shot that I was happy with.  Although I've not taken the shot to try to make some political or social statement, it is difficult not to contrast this guys situation with the grand entrance to the council house.     




A Sunday morning shot taken from the Snowhill car park.  This is a favourite location for many photographers active in Birmingham; not least me.  


The Colmore Business District that is visible from this vantage point is especially quiet on a Sunday and its easy to get some great shots of small groups and individuals amongst the tall and cinematic architecture.  Even considering the contrasting size, the light is often perfect for drawing the attention to the people in the scene.   


This is one of my favourite shots.  I don't tend to give my photographs titles, but I have come to think of this one as "the lonely pigeon". 


The shot is taken in the alley way at the back of the Wellington pub.  A great place for real ale and whiskies.  I just wish the light had have been falling a little more on the pigeon which looks like its hanging around waiting to be let in for a drink.  I don't know why I like this shot so much, but I suspect its due to the great play of light and shade on the closest walls. 

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